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Education in fundraising

Want to learn more about fundraising? Here is an overview of education opportunities and conferences in Belgium and other European countries. 

Fundraisers Belgium (BE) - opleidingen in fondsenwerving - education in fundraising

Hogeschool Gent - Navorming particuliere fondsenwerving (BE-NL)

Helmo - Haute Ecole Libre Mosane (BE -FR)

Fundraisers Forum (BE - FR) 

Antwerp Management School (BE- NL)

Geven in Nederland (NL)

European Research Network on Philantropy (EU)

European Fundraising Association (EU)

Association of Fundraising Professionals (INT) 

EFA certified qualifications available throughout Europe: 

Fundraising Verband Austria

Professional Fundraising, Finland

Certificat Francaise du Fundraising, France

Deutscher Fundraising Verband, Germany

Charities Institute Ireland

Associazone Italiana Fundraiser

Certificate in Fundraising, Norway

Certificado Europeo de Formación en Fundraising, Spain

Certificieringsutbildning Fundraising, Sweden

Diploma of Advanced Studies in Fundraising Management, Switzerland

Certificate in Fundraising Management/ Diploma in Fundraising, United Kingdom


IFC - International Fundraising Conference (Resource Alliance) 

CEE Fundraising Conference

Fundraising Convention (UK)

Nationale Vakdag Fondsenwerving (NL)

Fundraising Week Conference (UK)

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