News from FAB Friend Kentaa - Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen booked Event Fundraising Success

Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen (Refugee Work Flanders) booked Event Fundraising success with Dutch partner Kentaa. It proved a fruitful collaboration: the Refugee Walk had 1,600 participants who raised more than € 331,000 via

vluchtelingenwerk vlaanderenOn September 25, 2022, Refugee Work Flanders organised their Refugee Walk for the seventh time. The sponsored walking tour aims to raise money for the organisation's work and show solidarity for people on the run. This Belgian organisation teamed up with Kentaa for fundraising for the first time. A decision that has proven successful: with 1,600 participants, a revenue of more than € 331,000 was raised via

It is the second time since the end of the corona pandemic that Refugee Work Flanders was able to organise a 'main' fundraising event in which participants walk a set route together. At the same time, the option for participants to follow a self-planned route, which was created during the pandemic, has remained intact following its appeal to many people and its ability to attract recurring participants.

During the event, 1,100 participants participated in the organised central event, in addition to the nearly 500 walkers who walked their own route.

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