PARTNER NEWS - iRaiser Benchmark for Belgium shows results for 2022

More than €31 million were raised on the iRaiser Payment App in 2022 in Belgium. The amount raised went up with 8,86% compared to 2021 (excluding the Ukrainian Crisis). The average gift also went up 4,45%. (This involves single gifts without P2P and regular giving)

The iRaiser Benchmark shows that the international solidarity sector is the sector with the most significant increase. This sector followed by the Humanitarian one, have the highest average gift (107€ and 100€).

Although the number of mobile transactions is high, the average gift is still lower than the one for desktop. Bancontact remains the most used payment method, even if credit cards have the highest average gift (one off donations).

average gift mobile desktop

Conversion rates for single gifts on the donation pages in Belgium were highest in March, May and December 2022. March and December were by far the best months concerning the amounts raised for single gifts.

amount raised iRaiser Benchmark

3 days represented 18,56% of the total money raised in 2022. These 3 days are also the ones with the most donations.

Want to find out on which 3 days most donations were made in 2022? 

Download the iRaiser Benchmark for Belgium here and find out more about the additional KPI's on regular gifts they set.

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