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What do members say about the Fundraisers Belgium? 

"When I started my career as a fundraiser, I immediately joined the Fundraisers Belgium. They offer a great range of webinars and trainings for every fundraiser (from junior to senior). They also involve the necessary external experts to be able to transfer sufficient knowledge to their members.” - Elke Saron - MS-Liga Vlaanderen

"As a member of the Fundraisers Belgium the value of finding education, networking possibilities and just the feeling of belonging to a group of like-minded professionals is very valuable.” - Béatrice Best - KANAL Foundation

“For me, it’s is very important to have a look at how other NGO’s and organisations handle their fundraising. The cases by other organisations are like holding a mirror up to our faces. It made us rethink the way we interact with our (potential) donors. The training courses organised by Fundraisers Belgium are very interesting, too: my colleagues and I have already followed several of them. Apart from the 'theoretical’ content, they also give us the chance to get in touch with colleagues and exchange experiences and (good) practices. The job of a fundraiser is a bit lonely: this kind of exchange (and the simple fact of getting together with fellow fundraisers) is important to me.” - Eric Henrotte, VIA Don Bosco

"The Fundraisers Belgium ensures that we as fundraisers can always keep learning! Learning from colleagues in other organisations, learning during the workshops and presentations, learning from research... In this way we remain creative and continue to make progress as a sector. And if our sector grows, the natural consequence is that society improves!” -  Ruben Fierens (UNHCR)

“It's important to me to be a member, to always learn new techniques, benchmarking, cases, etc. And you stay in contact with fundraisers from other organisations." – Jolien Pardon, Rode Kruis Vlaanderen

“The networking aspect and the update of current affairs and new insights within the sector are valuable. You save time because you don't have to find out and follow up all that yourself. Also the importance of fundraising in society and the fact that Fundraisers Belgium inspires in all areas to keep the sector alive is very important." -  Koen Maertens, Oscare

“As a beginning fundraiser I learned a lot from Fundraisers Belgium years ago, but above all, being part of a group of fundraisers and being able to exchange experience is very valuable to me. The meetings always give me a strong boost. I now have a colleague-fundraiser, but as a fundraiser working alone for an organisation it can get quite lonely, and then it is nice to talk to fellow fundraisers, not only about achievements, but also about problems they are facing.” - Sandra Nelles - Mamas for Africa

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